It’s only 300 yards….

Recently we were asked: “Can 300 yards really make that big an impact on the environment.”  Our answer: ABSOLUTELY!

Let’s take a closer look by plugging 300 yards into our “Calculate Your Impact” feature found on the new Signature Accord website.

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 5.41.59 AM

It takes 1,290 pounds of raw materials to manufacture “only 300 yards” of carpet.  That is equivalent to the weight of a full grown polar bear, the largest species of bears.  Of that 1,300 pounds, 1,041 pounds (80%) consists of recycled and rapid renewable resources.  To put it another way, 80% of ALL petrochemicals normally used in the making of carpet have been replaced with recycled and rapidly renewable resources.   The fiber (Econyl) used in the making of “only 300 yards” is 100% regenerated solution dyed nylon made by Aquafil USA.  These fibers are produced in large part with discarded fishing nets that once were thrown into the oceans, creating havoc on fragile ecosystems as they floated in perpetuity.

117 pounds of polyols extracted from American grown soybeans are used to replaced virgin petrochemicals in our BioCel high performance backing system.  While 117 pounds doesn’t sound like a big deal, consider this….It takes 16 bushels of soybeans to create 1 pound of polyol used in our backing system.  So “only 300 yards” represents close to 1,900 bushels of Soybeans.  That is a HUGE deal to an American Farmer!

Before making your next commercial carpet decision, be sure to click on the link below to determine your environmental impact.  And remember “only 300 yards” does make a HUGE difference.

A Busy Bean!

At Signature Accord we are working daily to lower our dependance on petrochemicals.  We are the only commercial carpet manufacture that has made BioCel our standard backing system.  Made in part with American grown soybeans, BioCel is the industry’s most environmentally responsible high performance backing system.  After all, doing the right thing should not be an option.

Can your carpet change the world?

Three years ago while visiting Yellowstone National Park, Jim Evanoff (Yellowstone Environmental Protection Specialist) asked if our carpet could change the world. Admittedly, we thought the question to be a bit strange. Help, maybe. Change the world….highly doubt it. After all we are just a small commercial carpet manufacturer in Dalton, GA.

The inspiration of that trip led to a partnership with our nation’s first national park. We now reclaim over 40 tons of plastics from Yellowstone National Park each season. That partnership has grown now to include the Grand Tetons, and Jackson Hole. All totaled, we now reclaim over 80 tons of plastics from the region, all of which are recycled back into our products. Our partnership with Yellowstone also led to the creation of a collection of products all inspired by the park. Five patterns (Old Faithful, Grant Village, Caldera, Paint Pots and Artist Point) are an industry leading 80% green by weight. We also created our P2 Program (Protect and Preserve) where $.50 of every square yard sold is given back to the Park to help protect and preserve some of our nation’s greatest natural resources. Great accomplishments yes, but change the world? Still don’t see it.

It wasn’t until last week that we got a glimpse of how our carpet can change the world. We received an invitation from Joe Biluck, Director of Operations for Medford Schools in New Jersey, to attend a banquet celebrating the accomplishments of their “Citizen Science Education Program” (CSEP). Medford School System has a rich history in leading the nation in the use of “biobased” solutions throughout their school district, and has recently added Signature Accord’s Yellowstone Collection to their long list of Bio-preferred products used in all aspects of Medford’s operations. Ranging now from Biodiesel to carpet.

We were treated to a presentation by sixth and seventh grade CSEPers, who were inspired and intrigued with our Yellowstone Collection. Their curiosity has led to some amazing programs where they are now tracking weather patterns across the world via satellites, helping farmers predict rain fall. The farmers representing the United Soybean Board that were in attendance, along with our team, were blown away with the amount of research done by these students. It was during their presentation that we were reminded of Jim Evanoff’s questions just three years earlier: “Can your carpet change the world?” It was at this moment that we got a glimpse for the first time that what we make can have a profound impact on our world, because rest assured that this group of extremely talented, passionate and incredibly smart students are already doing it! We have a lot of work to do, but thanks to this great group of kids in Medford, NJ the future is a bright one!!

Special thanks to Vicky Gorman. Vicky is a science teacher at Memorial Middle School, and heads up the CSEP program. We recognize that everything rises or falls on leadership. Vicky is one of those once in a lifetime leaders who inspire students to believe that they can change the world! The world needs more Vicky Gormans for sure!!

Citizen Science Education Program leadership.  Keep an eye on these kids.  They are world changers!!!

Citizen Science Education Program Leadership. Keep an eye on these kids. They are world changers!!!

Leading by Listening

“Listening is not simply hearing the words that are spoken.  Listening is understanding why the words were spoken”

As we became more entrenched into our core markets, Signature Accord discovered that many times we were hearing the words spoken by our customers, but often times were not hearing “why” they were being spoken.  Our team set out to change that.  One example of listening to “why”, resulted in the strategic use of a metallic yarn in our “Total Living Collection.”

When designing this collection for Senior Care public space applications, we were told about the challenges our seniors face with thickening corneas, causing images to yellow.  We were also told that many residents begin walking with their heads down towards the floor. These challenges created problems on the floor with conventional products, (including our own) when seen through the eyes of the residents, losing all depth, color and vibrancy.

By understanding the “why” behind these challenges, our design team went to work to create new products and colors that come to life in these environments with the use of metallic yarns, replacing conventional products that “muddy” out through the eyes of the resident.  “Leading by Listening” will always drive your “why” in “what” we do!

Total Living Collection The Vine Color: Fielding

Total Living Collection
The Vine Color: Fielding

Those who say it can’t be done….

I once had a mentor teach me that: “Those who say it can’t be done, are usually interrupted by someone doing it.”

Joe Biluck is one of those people.  Joe is the Director of Operations and Technology for Medford School District in Medford, NJ.  For the past 17 years, Joe and the Medford School District have focused on integrating environmentally responsible products and technologies in the areas of energy conservation, environmental stewardship and economic responsibility.  Joe recently added Signature Accord’s “Yellowstone Collection to the schools system’s resume.

You can learn more about what Joe and his team are doing by reading the attached article found in the fall edition of “Green Operations” magazine.

Medford Article

New Website!

Everyone at Signature Accord is really excited to announce the launch of our new website.  We hope that you find the site informative, inspirational and productive.  Be sure to check out the new “featured installations” listed under our Resources page:

Need help finding patterns and colors that all coordinate?  Just click on the ” view coordinates” button when viewing any pattern to see all coordinating styles:

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These are just two of the many updates and improvements made to   We hope you enjoy our new site, and it helps you in solving your commercial carpet needs.

Senators Honored For Vision

senate mat


Signature Accord was honored to help recognize Senators Stabenow (D – Michigan) and Harking (D – IN) for their work in championing multiple biobased policies.   At this week’s Biobased Product Coalition Conference, Signature Accord along with Universal Textile Technologies,  presented each Senator with a entry way mat from our EcoPath Collection.  Each one of our mats are made in part with polyols extracted from American grown soybeans.  For more information on our entry way protection, please email:

John McIntosh